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Who What Where When Why Self Love Challenge
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Who What Where When Why Self Love Challenge


Just in time for Valentines Day this year, You Statement has created a 5 Day Self Love Challenge. In part, we’ll ask you to journal because it boosts our mood and sense of well-being, fights stress, depression, and anxiety, and is an excellent tool for any purpose really! We’ll also ask you to DO something that will make you feel great each day of the challenge.

Ready to get started?

Day 1 Journal Prompt: Who are you?

In your journal, write about who you are. Have you consciously decided to be who you are? Or are you more of a product of your circumstances? Which things do you like and dislike about yourself? What is your FAVORITE thing about you? Would others agree or would they probably have a different favorite about you?

Day 1 Action: Honor Yourself.

Of the things you journaled about, pick one and spend the day expressing it- preferably to the outside world. If your favorite thing about yourself is that you are generous and kind, go through a drive-thru and pay for the order behind you. If your favorite thing about you is that you are a fashionista, pick out your most fashionista outfit today. If you are proud of your faith, practice it in a special way today. There are limitless possibilities.

Day 2 Action: Check In With Yourself

Today we’re beginning with action because it makes the most sense with this exercise.

Our feelings help us safely navigate our lives. Acknowledging our feelings and intuition is an essential life skill. If you’re in the habit of working and living on autopilot, this journal prompt and action is especially important for you. Some important feelings and intuitions go undetected if we are too busy to listen to ourselves or if we downright ignore how we feel.

Are you in tune with your own inner guidance as much as you should be? If not, look in a mirror and commit to checking in with yourself periodically and when you have big decision to make.

Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. It is okay to have other thoughts but focus as much as you can on breathing in and out deeply and intentionally. Now bring your attention to your body and how it feels as a whole. After this, begin at your feet and start to mentally scan your body. How do your feel feel? Your ankles, calves, and knees? Continue until you reach your head.

Are there any physical sensations you feel now that you weren’t aware of before the exercise?

Day 2 Journal Prompt: What do you feel?

Journal about how your body felt as you scanned it and how you feel about the present state of your relationship with your intuition. Are you checking in with yourself as much as you ought to?

Day 3 Journal Prompt: Where would you like to be?

Where would you like to be in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? Write whatever comes to mind naturally.

Day 3 Action: Do what you can today.

They say to do 1 thing each day that gets you closer to your future goals. Then each day you can say that you’ve made progress. What 1 thing can you do today that would get you closer to one of the future goals you had written down?

Day 4 Journal Prompt: When was a moment you felt most proud or joyful in your life?

Relive this moment on paper in as much detail as you can remember. What were you wearing? What were you thinking? What can you remember about the other people in the scene at the time? Revisit this moment whenever you feel discouraged and know that there are more moments like this to come.

Day 4 Action: Tap into the feelings of that day.

Can you do something similar, that was the key to your success that day? The point is to trigger the same feelings in a more real, physical way. Think about what might bring you back to the same exact feelings and happiness. Return to your journal and write about it if you need to.

Day 5 Journal Prompt: What is your ‘Why’? Your purpose? Your message for the world?

What do you feel most strongly about? You Statement has based its entire brand on self-expression and making statements you believe most in. Today, write about what message you want to give to the world and turn it into a 1-3 sentence mission statement.

Day 5 Action: Share your message.

Take to your social media with your message and create a post just about what you discovered about your purpose today. Make it as long or short as you want. Design a graphic, draw a picture, or take a selfie to go with it!

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