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7 Cute Sloths You’ll Want To Be BFFs With

Love sloths? Us too. They're weird and wonderful and just utterly adorable. So we couldn't resist these cuter than cute pictures...

Sloths are the cutest, right? They’re slow, they’re weird, and they’re furry. Which is pretty much all you want in a BFF. We love them so much, we’ve even got the cute sloth leggings to prove it. We can only apologise if you fall in love with any of the following cuties…


1. This guy, who’s just napping upside down. As you do.

Cute Sloths


2. This sweetheart, who’s pondering the big things in life.


3. This little lovely, who’s on his way somewhere important. At his own pace, thank you very much.


4. Hey, Iz just lookin’!


5. Yeah, I’m chillin’ dude. Leave me alone.


6. Peekaboo!


7. This fella, who know’s he’s just the cutest.