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Why Exercise?

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Why Exercise?

Many people are ignorant to the primary reason why exercise addicts exercise so much. They would speculate that the addicts would only train to improve their image. To get ‘a pump on’ and peacock around the gym nurturing their collective ego. In some cases, this is true. But for someone who has exercise as their profession, passion and their art, this is not the case. Read on to see what motivates me to exercise every day.

After years of training, I have come to one undeniable conclusion and one irresistible aspect about exercise. Under the right training circumstances, an individual can manipulate his/her endocrine system to secrete ‘positive’ hormones such as serotonin and dopamine during and after exercise. The release of serotonin and dopamine has a profound effect on your daily psychology.  It sets your perspective on life as positive, as default. You feel relentless. ‘The glass is always half full’ as opposed to half empty. A genuine smile printed on your face throughout the day which resonates with the people you see. You’ll quickly notice that doing a workout every morning has a brilliant knock on effect with the relationships you have with your colleges, your friends and your family members. You could even say this enables you to leave a positive impression on the new people you meet every day which increases your chances of making new friends. The phrase, ‘Law of attraction comes to mind’. It’s apparent to me that the benefits of exercise go far beyond muscle mass adaptations, an improved cardiovascular system and a reduced risk of many fatal diseases.

So what training circumstances cause such a response from the endocrine system? The answer is 19-40 seconds in the video posted Below. My friend Scott pushes his body to the point his mind is screaming at him, telling him to stop, but he persists and keeps sprinting until his body physically can’t go any further. From my experience, the discipline of training until complete physical exhaustion rather than mental exhaustion stimulates the optimal release of serotonin and dopamine. That is not to say, if you do not train in this way you will not gain a release of serotonin and dopamine. Just, you won’t receive nearly as much. Training until complete physical exhaustion on every training session is practically impossible. But, it helps to know on a day when you’re feeling up to the challenge, in those desperate moments of mental fatigue. If I push through this feeling, If I prevail until my muscles themselves refuse to contract anymore, there’s an abundance of happiness and improved cognitive functioning on the other side. This is the primary reason why I train every day.

This was filmed in Milford Sound, New Zealand. Living and training in Milford Sound was very fortunate. I had a hill sprint at my door step with a remarkable view at the top. There was positive reinforcement to sprint up and down that mountain side regardless of  knowing the remarkable effects exercise has on your psyche . For those of you who don’t have a beautiful training scenery like this. I’ll show you how to get into the physical state Scott did in the comfort of your own home. All you need is 2-3 square metres of space and your body weight. I will also be posting articles relating to nutrition, mediation and psychology. Stay tuned for more.

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I’m a traveling Personal Trainer from the United Kingdom with an undying desire to sustain personal development in all areas possible. These areas being Mind, Body and Soul. With this blog I intend to publish the secrets I have learnt behind sustaining an exceptionally healthy life. Along with how I triumph over the challenges I encounter living in various locations across the globe; whether these challenges are physical, nutritional, psychological or spiritual. I do this with the intention to help others build a healthier and happier lifestyle. And maybe even helping others to develop the flawless mindset required to make any goal an inevitability. My main interests lie within health and fitness as I have found the healthier I am the happier I am, which attracts all sorts of magical people and events into my life. I am completely infatuated with the unconscious. I am an oneironaut, or more commonly known as a lucid dreamer. I have learnt to become conscious within the unconscious. This has helped me to see the infinite potential within the human mind and has placed me on a somewhat profound spiritual journey. This journey I’m sure will lead me into the deep and mystical parts of the world, learning from the ancient and transcendental. Who knows what’s going to happen? Stay tuned.

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