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Wedding Weight Loss: Getting Your Entire Wedding Party Involved
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Wedding Weight Loss: Getting Your Entire Wedding Party Involved


No matter how much time is between you and your wedding, getting fit can seem like a mountainous task. Working out with your soon-to-be wife or husband and your wedding party can make the journey much more fun and successful.

Studies have shown us on numerous occasions that the accountability of group weight loss is powerful. Just by having your partner participate, you are increasing your ability to stick with it by over 36%. Just receiving a phone call from your accountability partner about your fitness journey every two weeks can increase the amount of exercise you do by 78%.

Here are 5 of our best tips for getting your whole wedding party to support one another in eating and exercising well until your big day!

1. Invite Them To Join You

Remember the special day or special way you asked your bridesmaids or groomsmen to step into that VIP role in your wedding? In the same way, you can invite your wedding party over to ask them if they’d participate in supporting each other on a Wedding Party Weight Loss Adventure. You can take the temperature of the room, see who is interested, and what they are willing to commit to.

If they are ready, you can map out your shared goals and personal goals. Can everyone commit to giving up a few of their favorite unhealthy foods and work out 3 days a week? It’s likely that every person will feel comfortable setting different goals, especially with the various ranges of fitness knowledge they have, but you can ask them to commit to group goals. Another idea would be to choose accountability partners at the get-together. They can check in with each other every two weeks over the phone and later, be a team in a group competition!

If they are really enthusiastic, you can take ‘before’ pictures and measurements that night, but it’s not worth making anyone feel uncomfortable about.

2. Commit To Having “Sober” Fun Together

Alcoholic beverages have at least 100 calories per drink, and if anyone in your wedding party enjoys going out, it would be supportive to have “sober fun” nights they can look forward to. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions and makes it much easier to indulge in foods that will throw you off track, during the party AND the next day. If you or someone in your party must drink, you can still designate a few events they can look forward to so that there is a clear S.M.A.R.T. goal in mind: limit the alcohol.

3. Go Where Groups Are Welcome To Workout

Your wedding party can join a gym together, get a punch card, or just start a free-trial at the same time to participate in classes together. Be sure to ask gyms around your city how your wedding party can get a workout in together. Gyms that are specific to a type of exercise may already have a program for groups or wedding parties; kickboxing gyms, for example.

If you can’t find many, make up your own group workout. For example, you can map out a 3 mile course for you all to walk or run or create an obstacle course in a public field.

4. Start A Facebook Group

The more communication you have with one another, the more likely you will all succeed. A great way to achieve this is through a Facebook group where your party can share photos of what they are eating (or not eating!), how they feel, share articles, tips, and tricks, or celebrate their progress with the group.

5. Increase Support Through An App Like MyPlate

We saved the diet-related tip for last because although they say nutrition is 80% responsible for your fitness results, when you have limited time like when you are getting fit for a wedding, you inevitably have to exercise more. Nutrition could be a whole other article, but using an app like MyPlate makes it easy and adds another element of support. MyPlate has a lot of free features that your wedding party can use to count calories and what’s called macronutrients (calories and percentages of protein, fat, and carbohydrates). It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable for what you eat. You can also create extensive profiles you can connect to your wedding party and also ask questions and socialize with the MyPlate app users.
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