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Rediscovering Your Own Backyard
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Rediscovering Your Own Backyard


Sometimes we get sick of our environments. This article may be referencing your bedroom, home, or your actual backyard. But it can also be about the town or city you live in or a relationship you feel has gone stale. So open your mind up to how the suggestions in this article can be applied to an area of your life that we might not obviously be talking about.

Give Gratitude

One of the best ways to alter a mindset that’s become your normal is to give gratitude. This exercise will provide you with the fresh eyes needed to experience this space in your life differently than you have been. Slowly write down 10 things that your bedroom, home, backyard, city or relationship has given you. With each one, really think about times this has been true. For example, my apartment (although I feel I’ve outgrown it) was exactly what I needed when I moved in. I can recall many times that it was a comforting place for me when the outside world was cruel.

Change It Up

You obviously crave change if you’ve lost connection with this space in your life. Before you go adding to it, re-arranging it, or changing yourself in an attempt to see it differently… try cleaning it up first. Commit to deleting your negative thoughts about it going forward and attempt to heal and release any undesirable memories attached to the space. Imagine what you want it to feel like and then ‘change it up’ accordingly.

Consciously Choose What You Do Here

We commend you, you’ve set up this experiment with success. Now it is time to evaluate and change what you do in this space because what we do in our spaces is the very life of the spaces. Schedule some uninterrupted time to journal in the space we’re talking about here and answer the following questions:

What is this space typically intended for?

How have I used it in the past?

How did I feel in it using it that way?

How would I like to feel in it from now on?

What can I do in this space from now on that will cause me to have a better relationship with it?

Do Install A Reminder

Okay, this exercise was nice. But how can you plant this rediscovery practice deep enough for it to take root? Like how you write an appointment on a calendar and set an alarm, I want you to do something that will remind you of your commitment to the renewal of this space and your connection to it. This is the suggestion most open to interpretation. A lot of the time the reminder will be a new object purchased that you will strategically place in your space to visually remind you. In your bedroom, it may be a new lamp, alarm clock, piece of furniture, or rug. In your backyard, it could be a decorative sphere on a pedestal. In your relationship, it could be a framed photo of you and this person on your nightstand or dresser.

I do have an example of a time your reminder may not be a new object.

For example, I live in Las Vegas. When I moved here, I thought it was a magical place, and it has lost a lot of its luster in my 4 years here. I used to hike Red Rock’s trails every single weekend by myself to get away from my retail management job and refresh my mind. I haven’t been back to Red Rock in years, but I have an annual pass and free Saturdays. I put my annual pass in my car’s cup holder where I view it every time I drive and look forward to the next Saturday I will spend at Red Rock rejuvenating myself and my perception of this still very magical city I live in.

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