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So I Joined A Gym, Now What?
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So I Joined A Gym, Now What?


If you’re reading this and you’ve just joined a gym, congratulations! Just know that each person who goes to the gym has their own way of using the facility and you’ll soon find your way, too. Here are our best suggestions for the newly joined.

Ask For A Tour/Free Training Session

Most gyms offer for you to make an appointment for a proper, more in-depth tour of the gym and even a free training session. Depending on your level of comfort, you might want to take advantage of the free training sessions or you can opt for a simpler tour that explains how each machine works; how it’s adjusted for your specific height and strength, proper form, and how many reps/sets is good for a beginner to start gaining strength and comfort with gym equipment.

Check Out The Class Schedule

If machines and free weights intimidate you at first, the best place to utilize your gym membership is in their class offerings. It’s likely they have a full schedule each and every day. Classes can give you great cardio (such as in a Zumba class), relaxation and stretching (in Yoga), or a butt-kicking (like in cycling or kickboxing). You may even make a friend there, which brings us to our next point.

Make/Bring A Friend

If someone around you makes conversation and you see them often, maybe you compliment them and ask what kind of routine they have. Going to the gym is often very personal so don’t expect anyone you invite to join you to be enthusiastic about partnering. Sometimes gyms will have a board or program that connects people who would like an accountability partner. It doesn’t hurt to ask. However, the easiest way to have a gym partner is to introduce someone you already know to your gym, like a friend or family member that doesn’t currently go there.

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