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Personal Style 101
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Personal Style 101


We all know that there is appropriate clothing for specific occasions: interviews, weddings, being outside, for at school or work, etc. Where have these unspoken “uniforms” come from? Much of the time, these outfits are motivated by the desire to give the right impression and not give the wrong one. Other times, we must consult the weather and a need to be comfortable or free to move. Appropriate clothing is often based on external factors, factors outside of ourselves.

Fashion is also based mainly on external factors. Fashion is primarily defined as a popular trend, in behavior or way of dressing. It can reflect personal style, too, but is typically widely accepted or celebrated in society. Fashion is often dictated by trends that the masses have endorsed.

Personal style goes much deeper than both of these.

So, what then, is personal style?

Personal style reflects who you are on the inside to the outside world. It can express for you what you can’t communicate verbally and positively influence how you view yourself. Dr. Samantha Boardman said it best in an interview with Marie Claire, “The right outfit can help you feel more confident when you need it most — it can serve as both armor and inspiration.”

Personal style (and the confidence it gives you!) never goes out of style and is never dictated by society or the fashion industry. It is yours to create!

How do I start?

Have you ever been super drawn to a piece of clothing or an accessory? Well, personal style grows from these authentic attractions to certain styles or items.

1. Pinterest

An easy way to experiment with what you are drawn to is virtually. Pinterest is a wonderful platform to search for and collect fashion ideas. You Statement is on Pinterest as well! Follow our board here.

2. Role Models

It’s likely you already have a few celebs or people you know who dress in a way you like. It may even be that you are not only drawn to the clothing they wear, but the qualities they exude when wearing them, like confidence, power, or a care-free vibe. When I find a fashion icon I can relate to, either in style or demeanor, I like to search Google images of their outfits and watch their interviews on YouTube.

Ask yourself what it is about these items, fashions, and style icons you like.

3. Go Shopping!

If even just to try on the styles you think you might like and can’t find in your own closet, go shopping! If you don’t feel more confident and like yourself, the styles probably aren’t for you. And that is okay. Finding your personal style is a process of trial and error and a lot of checking in with yourself.

Have fun! And be sure to check out You Statement’s Collections to see if there are any that perfectly express who you are! Something brought you here after all, and we’d love to know what it was!

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