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7 Tips for Great Skin

Great skin is the first step to looking and feeling awesome. But so-called miracle creams are confusing and don't always work. So maybe it's time to dump them and get back to basics!

How our skin looks and feels can have a huge effect on how we look and feel overall. And, given the number of ‘miracle’ creams available out there, it’s no secret that our skin is pretty important to us – impossible modern beauty standards have made sure of that! So, whether we’d like clearer skin, younger skin, or tighter skin, few of us would say no to a few improvements.

But do you really want to get sucked into a world of smaller pores and chemical-filled lotions? Nah, us neither. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting to improve your skin, but can’t we do this on our own terms – because we want to and not because a million dollar company wants another $50 out of us?

Besides, creams filled with additives can’t be much good for us, so it makes sense to go for healthier, more natural alternatives whenever we can. Here are some great tips to get you started…


1. Get More Vitamin A & Vitamin E


Vitamins A and E are fantastic antioxidants. The fewer toxins inside your body, the fewer that will show themselves in the form of spots! Vitamin A and Vitamin E are available in supplement form but you can also get them from foods like kale, spinach, papaya, butternut squash, sweet potato, and much more.


2. Get Plenty of Zinc

When it comes to acne, zinc can come in pretty useful. Not only does it help control oil production, but it’s also great for the immune system, which in turn fights off infection, both in the skin and throughout the body. You’ll find zinc in foods like oysters, beef, lamb, beans, and mushrooms.


3. Drink More Water

We know, we know, you’ve heart this one before…but there’s a reason – because it works! Your entire body, including your skin, needs plenty of fluids to stay working at its best. And no, Diet Coke doesn’t count! Try to drink around half a gallon of water daily, spread throughout the day.


4. Moisturize Regularly

You do this already, right? If not, start! Even oily skin needs a little TLC and light, water-based creams will suit it best. Dryer skin will benefit from creamier moisturizers. Use twice a day after washing or cleansing your face.


5. Exfoliate All Over

To get rid of dead skin cells, and let your lovely ‘new’ skin shine through, exfoliate using a gentle scrub once a week. Massage the scrub into your skin, opting for a gentler scrub when it comes to your face.


6. Take Off Your Make-Up

Every night. No, every night! Even if you’re tired. Make-up can leave your facial pores clogged up, leading to spots and other blemishes. Obviously you don’t want that, so give your face some time to breathe overnight.


7. Have ‘No Make-Up’ Days

If you tend to wear make-up most days, then the occasional make-up free day can really help your skin out by helping to clear your pores. Cleanse thoroughly in the morning, moisturize, then let your skin rest for the day.

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