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5 Effective Boxing Methods to Get You On Form

Boxing is a great way to get in shape but it's hard to know where to start! Get those punches thrown with these top tips.

Boxing-inspired workouts have never been more popular and are the ideal way to get a great all-body workout, boost your confidence, and have fun at the same time. To get you thinking about how boxing can help transform your health and fitness regime, take a look at five of the best boxing inspired training methods below. You’ll be like Rocky in no time!


Jump Rope

Jumping rope or skipping is phenomenal cardio workout. You may think that bouncing up and down  on the spot is a piece of cake, but do it like the pros and you’ll be gasping after 2 minutes. By training your body to stay in rhythm with the rope, you can create that high tempo cardio workout that is unlike any other. Not only will your calfs and hamstrings get a great burn, but when you increase the speed you can also feel the results in your arms. A portable workout you can take anywhere, the adventurous among you can take things to the next level with a weighted leather rope. Ideal for building those lean and toned upper arms that every all body exercise aims for.


Work the Bag

Working the bag is a classic exercise anyone can turn a hand to. By unloading any manner of single punches, or throwing devastating punches in bunches, you get to burn calories and tone your arms and core all at the same time. Not only that, but as you get more into the footwork, your legs will be getting a great workout too. The best thing? It’s a really fun way to work out. That shot of adrenaline you get just cannot be matched, so give it a try.


Focus Pads

This is great way to have a workout with a partner. Pad work allows you to focus your attention on a moving target, and push your fitness whilst trying to keep up with someone who isn’t expending anywhere near as much energy. Then once you need a breather, swap over. You give your arms a break, but continue to build your coordination and timing. An ideal way to workout in a way that not only gets you fit, but makes you more athletic at the same time.


Shadow Boxing

The ultimate Rocky workout is throwing combinations whilst checking out your form in the mirror. Far more than an eye-catching posing routine, if you build up to doing multiple 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing, you are well on way to being in great shape. If you are looking for a way to get bitten by the boxing bug, start with shadow boxing. It is one of the few workouts that requires absolutely no equipment, and you can go as hard as like. Once you can go 6 rounds with ease, why not invest in a pair of weighted gloves to take things to the next level.



No fighting fit body has been shaped without calisthenics. Sit ups, crunches, press-ups, thrusters, all the old gym classics. They have been around so long, because they really do work. To give you some great inspiration, why not download an app that will create custom workouts for you, and tailor them based on how you rated each exercise. We are big fans of GSP’s TouchFit, a great way to get fit with advice from one of the world’s best athletes.