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4 Ways to Liven Up Your Run

Sometimes, running could use a little excitement. No matter how much you love it, you'll always enjoy livening it up a little. Plus, there are ways of doing so that will help you get fitter and faster!

When it comes to getting fit, getting active, and getting out there, nothing feels as free and calming as going for a run. Once you’re bitten by the running bug, you’ll find it hard to stop. From running further and faster, to entering local races and even training for the marathon, the running world will be your oyster.

To get better session after session, it is always worth investing the time to learn about different types of running training. If you just want to run further at a set pace, then the bulk of your training will be made up of slow and steady miles, but adding in a bit of variation will help give your legs that extra bit of pop. Take a look at a few of our favorites below, and try each one out as you find what really works for you.

Interval Training

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This is something many people unwittingly do when they start out. Run for a minute, walk for 2 minutes is something many novice runners try as they build up to being able to run their first nonstop mile. As you get fitter, intervals that alternate between two different running speeds can prove a super effective way to take your fitness to the next level. Try running at your steady pace for 3 minutes, then knocking a couple minutes per mile off for the next minute, then drop back to your steady pace. Repeat as many times as is comfortable, and over time your steady pace will increase without you even realizing it.

Sprint Training

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This doesn’t have to be running a single 100 meters once a week, just build some short sharp sprints into your running routes. Whether it be a flat straight section, or a serious of twists and turns on a level woodland trail, giving your legs that extra bit of anaerobic work to process is a great way of giving yourself that extra injection of power and speed that will build strength in your lower body. It’s also a fun way of breaking up the monotony that can set in if you run at the same speed all day long.

Hill Training

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Hill running is a fantastic way of building your lower body strength without having to hit the gym. Training on hills not only puts greater stress on your calfs and quads, it also changes the angle at which your hips work. By forcing you to push off harder and lift your legs higher, hill work is nature’s way of making you give your legs a great workout in just a few strides.

Over Pace Training

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If you’re looking to complete your first 5K in under 30 minutes, then running at that pace is a great way of training. Running slightly above that pace is even better. By increasing your pace by as little as 10%, you can get your joints and body mechanics used to moving at higher speeds, something that is invaluable when you drop back down to race pace. Giving our muscles that experience of what it feels like to run faster is essential if they are to feel comfortable and move fluidly at your race pace. Just a few minutes per run at your elevated pace will work wonders when you come to tackle your next goal against the clock.

The great thing about mixing things up is not just that you’ll see your progress skyrocket, but that it also breathes fresh life and excitement into your training regime. So here’s the perfect motivation for lacing up your trainers, and going for your next run!