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16 Reasons Why Leggings Are Your Best Friend

Leggings are an awesome invention! Why? Because they have so many uses, go with so many things, and look pretty darn good. Can you think of any other reasons?

A staple yet stylish part of most women’s wardrobes these days, leggings have a lot to offer. And we all have our favorite pair, right? Whether it’s because of their fit, a cool design, or a simple habit, those old faithfuls are always there for us. But why are they our BFFs? You’ll identify with at least a few of these reasons…

Harry Potter Women's Leggings

1 – They are COMFY!!! Like, the comfiest pants ever. Probably because they move with your body – you’re the boss, not your pants!


2 – No zippers, buttons, or poppers to contend with. Because who needs the aggro, right? Easy on, easy wear, easy off. Simple.


3 – They look hot on pretty much anyone. Leggings fit to YOU, not the other way around, so whether you’re skinny, curvy, or anywhere in between, leggings always hit just the right spot.


4 – Leggings are super flexible. They’ll go with pretty much anything. T-shirt? Sure! Tunic? Heck, yeah! Crop top? Absolutely!

Dog Women's Leggings

5 – Almost any occasion can call for leggings, because they can be dressed up or down. Wear them on a night out, for a date, for sport, or at home on the couch. So many possibilities!


6 – They’ll grow with you. With leggings, putting on or losing a few pounds doesn’t matter. Your leggings will still fit. Because elastane. We love you elastane.


7 – Leggings turn couch potato into style potato. They’re comfy enough to chill out in, but you won’t be ashamed to open the door when the postman comes.


8 – They come in all kinds of cute designs. Plain, coloured, patterned, or featuring fun designs, there’s something for everyone – and every occasion.

Sports Women's Leggings

9 – They look super-cute teamed with long socks or legwarmers in the winter. Jeans have to be super, super skinny to achieve this kind of adorableness, but they still won’t be as comfy!


10 – Leggings can be amazingly creative and designs can really reflect your own unique personality. Harry Potter fan? There are leggings for that. Coffee fiend? There are leggings for that too. Avid vegan? Yep, you’ve got your own leggings too.


11 – Leggings show off your gorgeous body shape, while keeping you warm at the same time. No minis needed here in the middle of winter…


12 – Flats, heels, sneakers, and boots all look awesome with leggings, making them ridiculously versatile. So a last minute change of heart doesn’t mean having to change your whole outfit.

Sassy Women's Leggings

13 – Freedom of movement is a real thing when you’re wearing leggings! No worries about oversharing when you bend over and the freedom to do pretty much anything – housework, yoga, absolutely nothing…


14 – Tights have nothing on leggings and are merely a less warm alternative. Plus tights require dresses whereas, whilst leggings look fabulous with dresses, it’s not a must.


15 – Leggings make excellent sportswear, probably because of all that elastane. They don’t even need to be special ‘sports’ leggings, so you can take up jogging or Zumba on a whim and off you go.


16 – You can have a zillion pairs of leggings and you’ll be able to wear ALL of them. Not at the same time though (well, you could…). Because they’re good for any occasion, you’ll get a ton of wear out them, so no feeling guilty for buying another pair!

Food Women's Leggings

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