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11 Steps to Washing Your Hair Perfectly

Learn professional tips for washing your hair the right way, avoiding damage in the process. Say hello to healthy, shiny hair!

Did you know there was a ‘right’ technique to washing your hair? Well, you do now… Washing your hair correctly can help prevent split ends, hair damage, and an oily scalp, as well as boost your circulation. It can also turn into a relaxing experience.

So does that mean your hair isn’t squeaky clean already? Of course not! It’s not getting it clean that’s a problem – it’s the doing so whilst also treating your hair well and keeping your scalp healthy. So many of us simply slap on a bit of shampoo, run some conditioner through the ends, take a quick rinse…and that’s it. Yet, that’s how we end up with split ends and flaky scalps.

We’ve put together the very best tips for washing your hair the professional way, for a healthier, happier mane!



Hands washing hair

1 – Choose your products carefully. Don’t just use any old shampoo and conditioner; pick out products based on your hair length and thickness, as well as according to any scalp issues or hair damage that you have. There’s a fab guide here.


2 – Rinse your hair before shampooing. The hot water opens up your cuticles, making your hair more absorbent, as well as helping to remove dirt.


3 – Long-haired ladies (and gents) might want to consider using conditioner first to stop your locks drying out during the shampoo.


4 – Lather your shampoo at the scalp, using it as an opportunity to give your head a nice massage, which has a ton of benefits for you. It also stops you focusing too much on the ends and drying them out.


5 – Be gentle with your scalp. As you’ll already know, friction is no good for your hair, and that surely goes for hard scrubbing too!


6 – Condition the ends (and middle, if you have longer locks) of your hair, rather than the roots. Your scalp produces its own oils and adding more in the form of conditioner to the oiliest part of your head is needless – and will often just result in greasy hair.


7 – Rinse your hair using cold water. It’s fairly common knowledge that doing so can leave your hair looking shinier, but did you know that it can also make your scalp less oily, and you hair stronger and less prone to frizz? It might just be worth that few seconds of discomfort!



Woman having hair dried with hairdryer

8 – Use a soft towel to dry with, ensuring that its texture won’t do your locks any damage. And it goes without saying that you’ll want it to be nice and clean for extra softness!


9 – Don’t rub your hair when drying it. It can be tempting to sling the towel over your head and rub hard to get the job done faster but it can damage your hair. Squeeze or press your hair with the towel instead for gentler drying.


10 – Let your hair dry naturally most of the way before blow-drying. This way you’ll be using the dryer on it as little as possible, which is way better for your hair.


11 – Use the coolest setting on the dryer to blow-dry and keep the nozzle around six inches from your head. This will get your hair dry with minimum damage!


Happy Scrubbing!

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