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I’m a traveling Personal Trainer from the United Kingdom with an undying desire to sustain personal development in all areas possible. These areas being Mind, Body and Soul. With this blog I intend to publish the secrets I have learnt behind sustaining an exceptionally healthy life. Along with how I triumph over the challenges I encounter living in various locations across the globe; whether these challenges are physical, nutritional, psychological or spiritual. I do this with the intention to help others build a healthier and happier lifestyle. And maybe even helping others to develop the flawless mindset required to make any goal an inevitability. My main interests lie within health and fitness as I have found the healthier I am the happier I am, which attracts all sorts of magical people and events into my life. I am completely infatuated with the unconscious. I am an oneironaut, or more commonly known as a lucid dreamer. I have learnt to become conscious within the unconscious. This has helped me to see the infinite potential within the human mind and has placed me on a somewhat profound spiritual journey. This journey I’m sure will lead me into the deep and mystical parts of the world, learning from the ancient and transcendental. Who knows what’s going to happen? Stay tuned.

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If you’re striving for improvement, self-development and growth there are three fundamental areas you must consider. Constantly. That’s your Mind, your Body and your …